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Stack-A-Box modular home and office storage box system

New innovative front opening stackable plastic storage boxes, Australian-designed and built Aussi tough.  Tired of  heavy lifting while unstacking boxes to find things?  The new Stack-A-Box modular storage system is the ultimate hi value solution for easy access storage for home, office, garage and shed.  Australian-designed and patented world-wide.

Stack-A-Box storage modules can be used and stacked just like a regular storage box, but has the amazing added advantage of vertical sideways stacking to allow easy access through the reversible hinged front door, to any box in the stack without heavy lifting or re-arranging.


New Innovative ABS reo bar chairs, tough and nestable with low profile, saving 60% in transport volume, and able to be walked on, Australian designed by John Gaskell. Available in high volume at www.iplastic.com.au


Nestable concrete bar chair

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